About Us

The Technocreats Story

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TECHNOCREATS is a venture envisioned by experts who have the experience of bringing about revolution in education. Eminent Academicians and Technologists have collaborated in this novel initiative that will lend a new dimension to education and change the face of learning altogether.

Technocreats launches Hybrid Learning Programmes (HLPs), an innovative blend of Traditional Classroom, Virtual Classroom, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and Flipped Teaching providing Affordable and Employable Smart Education to Developing Nations. HLPs create a virtual campus that overcome limitations of traditional and E-learning and are planned keeping in view need of skill development and knowledge creation. HLPs focus on production of innovative & creative knowledge workers to transform all sectors of economy.

Technocreats provides an open platform for the universities of the developing nations to offer Hybrid Learning Programmes in Management, Commerce,Information Technology, Computer Science, Multimedia Technologies, Natural Sciences and Humanities etc. to meet their National Aspirations and Developmental Goals apart from entry into Global Job Market.

Objectives of Technocreats

  • Transforming rural society of Developing Nations into vibrant knowledge based modern sector economy.
  • Elevate the youth of Developing Nations into technically and professionally trained and disciplined manpower for ushering a new era of employability and wealth creation.
  • Growth in knowledge worker volume to bring knowledge industry in Developing Nations for creating diverse employment and business opportunities.
  • Providing low cost, relevant and quality education to all.
  • Enhance modern sector employment opportunities to reduce the demographic pressure on land, thereby enhancing the rural incomes.
  • Generate employment for thousands of unemployed teachers without any extra burden on state exchequer.

Meet our Founders of HLPs

Prof. Amarjit Singh Grewal


Prof. Amarjit Singh Grewal is a visionary and has handful experience of planning, development and administration in Government and Private Conglomerates. He established India’s largest Distance Education Programme for Punjab Technical University; a state owned esteemed University in India.

Dr. Sonu Grewal

Executive Director, Academics

Dr. Sonu Grewal is Masters in English, Business Administration, Education, Sociology and Doctorate in Education and has a vast experience and expertise in the field of structuring and developing innovative academic practices.

Iqbalpreet Kaur Sidhu

Head of Operations

Iqbalpreet Kaur Sidhu is an IT expert in handling design, development, testing, implementation and support delivery to software and applications using programming languages & development tools and has strong knowledge in education domain.

Jeevan Bhatia

Head of Technology, Research & Development

Jeevan Bhatia is an adroit expertise in the field of developing, implementing and promoting a strategic vision and leading the management of innovative initiatives and has strong knowledge in education domain.